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Zenker Insurance Agency, LLC Blog: 3_2013

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Effective March 2, 2013 the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) has announced they will no longer accept new applicants.  Existing individuals already enrolled will remain covered through 2013. Since the launch of the Federal Sponsored Pre-Existing Condition Insurance plan in 2010,... READ MORE >>

According to the Federal Government, only 16 of 58 counties in California have enough doctors.  Nurse practioners, optometrists and pharmacists may be a solution, especially since there are almost 30% or more doctors nearing retirement and not enough new doctors to replace them.   READ MORE >>

In order to proactively keep costs down within the health insurance plans being offered through the health insurance exchanges, insurers are proposing that the providers accept lower payments for services rendered. READ MORE >>

California doctors, researchers, and other health care organizations receive more money from drug manufacturers than any other state within the United States.  A database created by ProPublica lists those specifically receiving these handouts from the pharmaceutical companies. READ MORE >>

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